The Popularity of Soccer Worldwide

The Popularity of Soccer and Your Choices

Whether these are conversations between colleagues, the headlines, or commercials on television: football is everywhere and continues to be popular. It is not only in this country but also in Asia and the United States, for example.

Worldwide Growth In Popularity

A study by research agency showed that measured worldwide, more than 40 percent of people older than 16 years and who live in urban areas are very interested in football. No other sport can match this and this popularity is only increasing. Football is gaining ground in Asia and Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are even in the top 20 countries where football is the most popular. Until recently, football was far from popular in the United States and sport is also growing here. Of course, it may take a while before football can really be compared to baseball in terms of viewing figures, million deals with Adidas, which is attracting more and more attention. Manchester United, football (soccer) is one of the most important ones there.


Women Football

One of the reasons football is becoming increasingly popular is that sport has become increasingly inclusive. We saw this, for example, in the women’s team that drew full stadiums. There is an important difference in the popularity of men’s and women’s football. In women’s football performance determines the popularity, while in men almost every match likes to be watched, regardless of the performance. According to experts, this can be explained by the anchoring of men’s football in the collective memory. The men have been playing professional football for 70 years, while the women have only really been ‘seen’ since the European Championship win in 2017.

Football Is For Everyone

We are not only seeing increased inclusivity in women’s football. There are also more and more clubs with g-teams so that people with a disability can play football. There are also separate forms of football for seniors, such as walking football. Age, gender, and other factors are becoming less important. So football is increasingly becoming for everyone. Let’s hope that the number of incidents in stadiums will also decrease quickly because it is still too often trammelant during large matches.

Why Is Football The Most Popular Sport?

Watching football is popular, but why is football the most popular sport by far? There are a number of, quite logical, reasons for this:

  • Football is a simple sport to start with. It doesn’t take more than a few friends, a ball and some space to play. You can, therefore, play football everywhere, on lawns, on the beach, or just on the street.
  • You can also play football without special technical training. Do you like to kick a ball then you just participate? That is slightly more difficult with sports such as skating and tennis.
  • The rules are not too difficult to learn.
  • Football is for everyone. In every place, you have football clubs. It is therefore the most accessible sport.
  • Football is not expensive. Everyone can and may participate.
  • Size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re big or small. It’s about agility and speed.
  • Football is really a team sport. Each player has their own task, but each player, even goalkeepers, can come forward, help defend, take a free-kick and even score.

Of all sports, football matches are by far the most often broadcast on TV. You are most exposed to football from an early age. The most famous top athletes are often footballers. As a child, you mirror this consciously or unconsciously.